Client Admin

An open-source and enhanced administrative interface for Django

Dashboard with customizable and draggable widgets

ChangeList with advanced search

ChangeView with updated image widget and sticky save bar

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    Grouped Inline

    Client Admin provides an additional inline type, Grouped, that acts much like a Stacked inline but floats each field group instead of clearing them. This allows for a much more condensed layout when an inline form has just one or two fields.

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    Advanced Search

    Client Admin adds an advanced search form to change list views. It also works with fields on related tables and integrates seamlessly with the existing filters and search form.

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    Improved Raw ID

    Client Admin provides an improved raw-ID foreignkey widget that displays unicode instead of the object's pk.The label is also a link to the detail view of that related object.

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    Revision History

    Client Admin includes revision history and deleted object recovery via django-reversion. This is an incredibly useful library, and takes very little code to integrate. In fact, simply include 'reversion' in your installed apps, and it will automatically be applied to all admin models using ClientModelAdmin.

What's Next?

Our ideas for Client Admin are closely aligned with AdminNext, a wiki page on We've already developed some of the features, but our roadmap outlines those that remain.

A complete break from contrib.admin would be necessary to move forward on some of these tasks. We will continue to improve this library, but getting it out into the public will allow us to hear much-needed feedback, especially as we begin to tackle some of these larger changes. And hopefully other developers will find this library as useful as we do. Please fork it on Github, provide feedback in the issues queue, and make pull requests if you've made improvements for the better.

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Documentation is available at Read the Docs